About Exactexte.com

Document Translation in Montreal and Ottawa

Exactexte.com is a document translation service featuring human translation by expert translators in the Montreal and Ottawa regions.  We specialize in business and technical  communications in English and French.

Fast Language Translation Services

Exactexte.com provides language translation services to empower your relationships with anyone who needs to use your written communications.

Language translation can be complex  - Exactexte.com makes it simple and affordable.

Our cutting edge technology allows easy tracking of your translation project from start to finish.  As our client you will have your own secure space on our management portal where you can see how your translation project is progressing in real time.

If you are looking for a reliable language translation services company using the latest technologies, click here for a free quote.

Levels of service

Depending on why you need a translation we offer three service levels to match your requirements.

Expert human translators

It takes more than simply being bilingual to be able to translate! A fluently bilingual person can express their own ideas in two languages.  A professional translator can faithfully and accurately express someone else’s ideas in the target language.  There’s a world of a difference!

Our translators are all recognized experts in their field, qualified linguists and native speakers of the target language.

We have an extensive network of specialists who have been tested and assessed and who are certified by the relevant accreditation bodies

These specialists not only know the languages they are translating and the science of translation, they are also specialists in the subject matter.  Their experience will ensure that your translation is just right for your needs.